What about Revue’s indirect revenue?

Like most of us, I have no official information about Twitter’s current situation, nevertheless I wish to share my thoughts on the recent shutdown of Revue, a newsletter service the company acquired in January 2021.

I understand that sometimes discontinuing non-profit services may be the only option, but what about the indirect revenue that these services might be generating? Furthermore, Revue was actually making Twitter some money, since there were paid newsletters hosted there.

Like many people, I moved to Mastodon months ago, but since I was using Revue as my newsletter provider, I knew that I would not be able to completely disconnect from Twitter. In other words, I would still see and eventually click on some ads, and who knows, maybe even become a Blue subscriber. I was already visiting the site less and less, and now one more reason to go there is gone.

Anyway, life moves on and the transition of my monthly newsletter to Substack was unbelievably easy. By the way, in a some of days, I will send the first issue of 2023, and if you are not a subscriber, you are more than welcome to join.

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