from one enthusiast to another

Welcome to my digital corner of the Internet. A space about technology that I love and use. Honestly, it is a never-ending search. I’m constantly looking for ways to enhance human abilities, and you’re welcome to join me on this journey. 

I have been passionate about this topic since very young. It all started with an Apple II, but it looks like life had other plans for me. I became an economist with a project management specialization, and a postgraduate degree in international relations.


For a long time, I was unable to see it, but my formal education, the books I enjoy reading, and my passion for technology were the perfect combination to start my career as a productivity consultant. As an economist and project management specialist, I help entrepreneurs maximize their environments with a system based on Agile, Kanban, and Kaizen, which I have perfected for over a decade.

Google Workspace, Trello, LanguageTool, Signal, TextExpander, and Zapier are some of the many services I use and recommend to my clients, but Evernote has been the core of my personal productivity system since 2008.


Then, something unexpected happened. I began experimenting with educational videos in 2016 and now also consider myself a Creator. On my YouTube Channel, you can learn more about the tools I use. And for updates between videos, you are welcome to follow my posts on Mastodon.

If you enjoy the content, please help me spread the word by sharing it. Comments and thumbs-ups are also very welcome. They are important signals to the algorithm and help a lot. But if you wish to do even more, you can Buy Me a Coffee, join my Patreon, or become a YouTube Member.

Pale Blue Dot*

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, and have lived in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brasília, Boston, Santiago de Chile, and, in 2018, the beautiful city of Porto became my home.